Instrument repair has always been an integral part of Hickies, as we have been repairing and tuning instruments since the Reading based, family run store opened in 1864. Currently we can repair, set up and modify a large variety of instruments including the guitar (all variations of), ukulele, bass, piano, violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, oboe, saxophone and other brass instruments. Accidentally breaking or damaging a instrument can be absolutely heartbreaking, but here at Hickies we have a dedicated team of experienced and professional luthiers’ and repairmen so whatever the damage to your prized instrument we will have the solution for you. All repairs will require a free consultation first to establish a time frame and quote, although we do have estimate price guides for reference. Simple repairs may take a matter of hours on site but more complicated procedures may take up to 3 weeks to complete. Hickies Music is located in the centre of Reading, a mere 5 minute walk from Reading station and a stone’s throw from broad street, we also have a store located in Tiverton. So pop in today and let’s get your instrument fixed, and playing as good as new with Hickies.

Common Questions

Q: How much are your repair services?

A: Repair prices can vary quite dramatically, it all depends on the difficulty and time associated with a repair, however all of our instruments repairs have a rough pricing guide (click on the instrument links above for more information). It’s best however to pop in and allow us to make a consultation.

Q: How long will it take to repair my instrument?

A: Some repairs can take a matter of hours on sight (e.g a string change), but more dramatic damage to an instrument such as neck break etc. can take up to 3 weeks to repair.

Q: I cannot bring my Piano to you, how does this work?

A: For the tuning and repair of pianos we will send a specialist to you.

Q: Do your instrument repairs have a guarantee?

A: Yes indeed they do, we guarantee all repair workmanship for the first 3 months after a repair.

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